florence_brown_circlebarbCurrently in its third generation of family proprietorship, the Circle Bar B Guest Ranch was brought to life in 1939 by Florence Brown and Ed Randolph. During that year, they purchased 60 acres of what was an original part of the Ortega-Stokes 1843 Mexican Land Grant. Florence found the Refugio canyon with its pristine beauty and coastal appeal to be just the place for a children’s camp, and then in 1941, a guest ranch.

Florence bridled her passion from running the Holt Guest Ranch in Los Alamos, California into the Circle Bar B and created a unique vacation experience that still enchants visitors from all over the globe. As additional acreage was purchased and the ranch’s popularity increased, demand was met with the addition of newer guest facilities, updated buildings and eventually a dinner theatre.

Florence’s vision has been enriched over the years and is still carried out today by her family. Florence’s son Jim, his wife Betty, and their children Pat and Kathy currently run the family business.

We welcome you to come be a part of the Circle Bar B’s rich family history, and to create some of your own!